© Pierre-Alain Duc Saclay, mai 2016
© Pierre-Alain Duc
Saclay, May 2016

Philosopher of science and epistemologist, I  am currently holding a post-doc position at the Institut Supérieur de Philosophie, Université catholique de Louvain.

My research is in philosophy of science, feminist philosophy and social epistemology. Before turning into philosophy, and doing a Ph.D., I was educated as a physicist and worked as a neutronics engineer.

I am interested in contemporary scientific practices and methods, and in their impact on the relation between science and society. My objects of research include scientific representations (in particular, mathematical models, computer simulations and visual representations), non-epistemic values ​​and biases that influence the production of scientific knowledge.

My current project is about knowledge of climate changes. The central issue is the plurality of representations in the domain of climate knowledge. A major challenge today for climate science,  Earth system science and  environment science is  to exploit the multiple models developped around the world and to encompass the representations from different disciplinary fields. My aim is to explore whether and how representations of a same phenomenon can have together a possibly higher epistemic interest than they have individually, despite their differences, incompatibilities, and the possible competition between them.

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